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A blinking look at 2 strangers

Yesterday I attended a creative writing meet-up. It was a first for me. The task was to find a stranger around you to write about. We were given seven minutes to pick out and write about someone. I remember thinking seven minutes will be too long but I was wrong. Bear in mind that this is just a snippet. I really don’t think I gave my characters the best description and much justice. I am actually not very pleased with the outcome, but then again I am my own worst critic. Please feel free to criticise if need be. Anyway, I just thought I would share this with some of you who enjoy my writing.


There she is. She is trying hard to come across as confident, calm and comfortable in her own body. But she is only thinking about how she looks among her peers who seem to have embraced their ages. The etchings of advanced years and years of raising children and babysitting grandchildren are written all over their faces. They all look at least seventy years old and she is hanging on to sixty on a tight rope. She hopes medical science will produce a serum that will take her back to her twenties. The truth is, she knows she is ageing and cannot afford to hang on to her youth. There is only so much Botox and expensive retinol creams can do. She still feels young and full of life but she knows she is old. She is almost embarrassed to be seen with her “old geezer” friends lest she be mistaken for being old. She has spent a lot of time on her look. It is not easy looking like this. Someone told her a bob cut and sunny blond hair will make her look young. She adorns it. She is a disturbed woman.    


One day I was sitting at a restaurant in the centre of Haarlem.  It was a beautiful day and I had received very good news that day. Surely everything should go swimmingly the rest of the day. Alas, I was wrong. The young unhappy waitress who took my order is posing at the door. I ordered a sauvignon blanc wine about ten minutes before it actually came. The waitress seemed unmoved when I reminded her. Anyway, I can somehow relate to this because I have been a waitress in an empty boring place before. You lose your warmth very quickly. But guess what comes? It was not a sauvignon blanc,  it was a pinot grigio! I don’t like pinot grigio. I look at the young waitress who had messed up my order and she is grinning,,patting her beautiful blond hair and having a ball with her colleagues.  I will let it slide.


Edna Kuipers

I am a Tanzanian born woman living in the Netherlands. My stay in the Netherlands has impacted me on so many levels. I feel the need to share my experience,knowledge and opinions. I will be bridging the gap between two continents, Africa and Europe in doing so. Exceptions and comparisons with other cultures may arise from time to time. I consider myself a world citizen. I have lived in several countries and I associate myself with people from all continents.

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