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Africa the unfortunate stripper

“Well done Oxfam, UNICEF, Red Cross, Live Aid, and all the other organizations that continuously run multi-million-dollar advertisement campaigns depicting charity porn to sustain that image of Africa globally. Ad campaigns paid for by innocent people under the impression to help, with their donations. While one hand gives under the flashing lights of cameras, the other takes in the shadows. We all know the dollar is worthless, while the Euro is merely charged with German intellect and technology and maybe some Italian pasta. How can one expect donations from nations that have so little?”

A  good friend of mine, one of the very few people who know how I enjoy a mind challenge and thought provoking issues sent me the following video. It is an excerpt of a 2015 TEDx Berlin Talk.  I was captivated from the moment I watched it. Unlike most of my other pieces of writing/videos it is not based on my experience and opinion. However it does capture a lot of what I believe and know. This is an educational and intellectual piece. I urge you to watch it until the end. I only captured a few minutes that depicted the crux of the message. You may watch the full video on YouTube if it captivates you the way it did me.







Edna Kuipers

I am a Tanzanian born woman living in the Netherlands. My stay in the Netherlands has impacted me on so many levels. I feel the need to share my experience,knowledge and opinions. I will be bridging the gap between two continents, Africa and Europe in doing so. Exceptions and comparisons with other cultures may arise from time to time. I consider myself a world citizen. I have lived in several countries and I associate myself with people from all continents.

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