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I am not attacking you!

I can be swayed by argument, not by insults.

There are some people on Facebook I have encountered lately that mistake my disagreement with their ideas for a personal attack on them or their friends. There are some really bad ideas out there that have been detrimentally influencing the world for hundreds of years. It seems that questioning these ideas is considered (by some) to be an act outside the bounds of friendly discourse. Not only is it seen this way, but my questioning becomes an excuse for personal attacks on me.

As a species, the human race has come a long way in the last two thousand years, but large swathes of that race, indoctrinated by community and family, unquestioningly perpetuate these questionable ideas, without applying the tool responsible for most human progress, REASON.

A typical question of mine might be: Why should we pray to an omnipresent and omniscient god to bring comfort to the families of shooting victims, when (according to the best reference available) this same god once wiped out every man woman and child on earth that did not fit onto a wooden ark? If this god wanted to bring comfort to the families of tragedy victims, would (he/she/it) not have prevented their deaths in the first instance? By praying to this entity for comfort after the fact, are we not implying that this all knowing, all seeing and all powerful entity allowed a mistake to happen, and we are now asking for an emotional band-aid to fix the upset?

I hope it is clear that I am not offering an opinion; I am asking people to invoke their faculties of reason to answer my question. I didn’t write the bible, which is seen as an infallible source of truth by many. I wish to explore these kinds of ideas with reasoned argument. Religious doctrine has been getting a free pass for thousands of years; I would like to hear a counter argument that challenges my ideas without calling me a loser for having them. I can be swayed by argument, not by insults.

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