Homebrew Coffee Maker Modding With Gagguino

For those who don’t know, Gaggia is a corporation that produces a line of reasonably priced “entry-level” coffee espresso makers that provide just right high quality shopper coffee machines at affordable costs. The access point machines don’t be offering nice grained keep watch over over temperature, drive and steam which is the place the Gagguino challenge is available in.

A schematic of the Gagguino project

The Gagguino challenge is an “after marketplace” amendment of many coffee makers, such because the Gaggia vintage and Gaggia vintage professional. The primary additions are a MAX6675 thermocouple module paired with a Okay-Sort thermocouple sensor for closed loop keep watch over over the temperature. Choices for including an AC dimmer module that attaches to the pump motor and a nil Mpa to at least one.2 Mpa ranged XDB401 drive sensor, put in in line between the pump and the boiler, supply additional closed loop keep watch over over the drive and float profiling. Load cells may also be hooked up to the drip tray to permit for comments in regards to the pour weight with a Nextion 2.4″ LCD touchscreen supplies the consumer interface for profile variety and different interactivity. The challenge gives a “base” amendment the use of an Arduino Nano because the microcontroller, in keeping with its namesake, however has an choice for an STM32 Blackpill module that can give extra capability past the scope of the Nano.

The Gagguino challenge is open supply with code and intensive documentation to be had on GitHub. There may be a Discord group for the ones in need of lend a hand with their construct or that experience the inclination to proportion their interest for DIY coffee modding with the Gagguino. Coffee system hacks are a favourite of ours and we’ve featured many tasks on coffee system builds and mods starting from PID keep watch over of vintage coffee makers to fantastically minimum closed loop homebrew coffee machines.

Video after the ruin!

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